A word of welcome…


Welcome to A Better Brand of Biblical Studies.  While this space is devoted to biblical studies, this perhaps needs a word of explanation.  The primary purpose of this blog is not to reflect on the interpretation of the Bible or the study of the ancient Near Eastern world.

Rather, this is primarily a space for reflecting upon the field of biblical studies (hereafter BS),how it is practiced, what it encompasses, and what I would like to see the field strive to be.

All scholars are odd beasts, and their habitats strange places. We’re intellectual urchins, each of us, feeling out others’ ideas with prideful spines surrounding almost uniformly fragile and outsized egos.  Our ecosystem is one of intellectual interdependencies and awkward interactions, interwoven yet fractious. And sometimes, well, sometimes the circularity and insularity and fresh tilling of centuries-barren bedrock just makes me wish the whole enterprise, all our precious bailiwicks of BS, would burn to the ground.

Or, perhaps, we could work toward an altogether better brand of BS.